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Cascade tripping canoe


An agile tripping canoe with Prospector kind of ability, capacity and manners, but in modern asymmetrical shape and materials.

Designed with advanced paddler’s demands in mind by means of maneouverability and whitewater behavior, this canoe feature rounded chines and is definitely not the beginner’s boat. The latest will find it tippy, however seasoned paddlers will find it well suited for expedition work as it performs well under wide range of load conditions.

Built from innovative Twintex (PP/glass) composite it is stiff, ligthweight and durable. The standard trim consists of PVC gunwales, form-shaped bow and stearn end-caps – handles, webbed ash seats, yoke and thwart. Stainless steel hardware. This model feature standard end grab loops (not shown in pics).

There are 2 buoyancy options – inflatable 3D pillows or PE foam blocks.

Canoe could be tailored by multiple trim options – by adding kneeling thwart, WW buoyancy bags, knee pads, tubed side lasing. Some of these are included in expedition trim package – e-mail for details if interested.

Main specs: 

Length (LOA): 488cm (16′)

Width (BOA): 92cm

Waterline width (BWL): 85.1cm

Depth (bow, middle, stearn, cm): 56. 36, 49

Rocker (bow,stearn, cm): 6,8, 5.6

Weight 28kg (PVC trim), 25kg (optional Ash trim, email for availability).

6″ freeboard displacement: 482kg

Nominal capacity: 232kg



Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 488 × 92 × 56 cm



trim option

touring, expedition


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