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Hand laminated (polyester/fiberglass) version of the popular Petra tandem canoe line. Heavy ones – specially made such as a new mold break-in shells. Roughly 39-40kg. PVC trim, webbed ash seats and thwarts. The shape and function – the same as in regular series.

Has been used in rental for 1.5 seasons. Remaining last 2 of these avbailable.

Colour RAL-6011 outside, Grey topcoat – inside.

Perfect for fishing, photography and weekend tris as long your route doesn’t  require a lot of portaging (weight concerns).



Inspiringly light and fast 16′ tandem with nice look and feel. Meant for day or weekend trips on calm waters. With certain skill could be paddled as as single.

Available in 2 standard layups:

1) Proprietary and cost effective hybrid Fiberglass-Kevlar-Carbon laminate with PVC gunwales and ash wood trim (seats, thwarts, yoke), bulkhead sin the bow and stearn. Weight 27-28kg,


2) pure Carbon-Kevlar/Carbon version with complete ash trim – 19-20kg.

Both layups produced in advanced vacuum infusion technique using vinyl-ester (hybrid version) or epoxy grade urethane acrylate resin (carbon version) with plasticizer additives for outstanding impact resistance.

Technical details (full specs and resistance data) could be observed here.

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 491 × 92 × 47 cm




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