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Riga paddling marathon

Anete Pošiva, 23.04.2008

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English text.

On 31st of May the annual kanu race arround Riga (Latvia) is taking place again! Here is a brief abstract of the rules of the race and distance. For details e-mail to race officer Anete Posiva.


NEW. Full text of the "Rules of the race" here!



Sea kayaks (> 4,70m);

Tandem kayaks (baidares);

Touring  kayaks and SOT (< 4,70m);

Tandem canoes


This is an amateur race. Olympic champions are welcome, we'll appreciate your support, but for this case we can decide in regard  to new class.


Start and Finish

Start: 31.05.08.  10:00 o'clock for Sea and Tandem kayaks in Dole peninsula (Daugava near Riga HES); 10:40 o'clock for canoes and Touring kayaks in Lucavsala, at the paddling centre.


Finish – Alberta ponds (www.albertadiki.lv).


Route – From Dole island or Lucavsala island (slower boats) down to Daugava, via Riga city channel, Sarkandaugava, Mīlgrāvis channel to Ķīšezers lake, Lielais Baltezers lake (this leg might be canceled in case of strong wind), Jugla lake, Liela Jugla river against the flow and Krievupe river in the end.

Lenght of the distance 47 or 60 km for sea kayaks, 35 km for other boats. Time estimate 6-10 hours.


Google Maps


Restrictions and regulations

Portages forbiden (with or without carying carts)! Except the pond dams near the finish.

Life vests are mandatory and should be on all the time while in distance.

Course should avoid ship farvarters (where marked) in the seaport and Milgravis channel.

Participants should report to checkpoints:

1 KP - in Riga channel

2 KP - at the bridge over the Milgravis channel

3 KP - Baltezers channel (under the A1 road bridge)

Reporting mean: reaching the mark buoy. Your race number should be clearly visible.


In a case you withdraw yourself from the race before the finish, you should report to race officer by mobile phone. The organized shuttle for withdrawn participants is organized only at the checkpoint KP2. Service price 5 LVL. If you get stranded in another place, please rely on your support team.


Application fee

8 LVL from participant (16 in tandem crafts) by May 18th. Later applicants and on-site registrants - 10 LVL per person.


What's included? Logistics, traditional solanka in finish, sauna. Soveniers. Prizes up to the race sponsors.

What else? Great company, attractive route and new experience!

See you in Riga paddling marathon race.


Applications. To apply for participation in the race press on the button below and fill in the fields. The invoice will be automatically sent to your stated e-mail address.

We are sorry, this link will guide you to the campo club latvian page, so the comments and instructions in forth will be in latvian only. They are strightforward, but contact us in case of difficulty!


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