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Kūleņi, cilpas, lēcieni, … laiva akrobātikai. Tie, kas saprot – lasa tālāk oriģinālvalodā, pārējiem šī laiva nav vajadzīga.

This is a freestyle kayak unlike any other; the Jed is longer than its competitors, which allows for a more fluid distribution of volume and comparatively slicey ends for easier trick initiation. extra length also makes it easier to retain features, and means the Jed is fast on waves and smooth on end in holes.

I love the Jed; it spins effortlessly for days, and its edges are perfect for carving about features and initiating big ol’tricks. (Nicole Mansfield, team Pyranha).

  • Overthruster, helps prevent deck implosion and volume loss, giving maximum pop for aerial moves.
  • Full progressive rocker, keeps the ends loose without sacrificing hull speed.
  • V-Chine stern, loosens up the stern portion of the hull for spins and easy edge transitions.
  • Super slicey bow and stern, makes for smooth initiation of vertical moves.
  • Core volume distribution, volume concentrated around the paddler for maximum, controllable pop.

USAGE: Freestyle

Outfitting; Stout-2

Kabīnes izmērs: keyhole

Iespējamais papildaprīkojums: Speckrāsa



Svars 14 kg
Izmēri 186 × 67 × 35 cm

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